Website Maintenance

Website Updates to Content Maintenance and Design

There is NO SECRET to a Strong & Healthy Website


Websites succeed with simple tweaks keeping the code and content clean and refreshed.

Websites fail because of static content, broken links and code that has fallen behind the browser and code improvements. Staying current keeps everything working for as many possible platforms and browsers. Your clients want to reach your site via cell phone, tablet as well as their laptop computers. With that in mind, we also make sure you look good on large screen monitors. Our website service and maintenance plans are designed to make sure that the basics are in perfect working order so that your customers always see a professional, user-friendly, working website.

Our CMD Website maintenance service plans provide regular health checks and updates to cover you in three areas: page content (text) including SEO in the code, maintenance for website features and functionality and design for images, banners, ads and more. Some plans include graphic design for print and web both, so all your print and web materials are professionally branded and have consistent on all your business materials. We make sure your logo is print and web friendly and all your graphics are branded and protected, including PDF downloads, gift cards or certificates, coupons, custom icons,etc. Not just business cards, stationery, ads, brochures, but also your email signatures. All properly and professionally branded. Together we call this complete care, our CMD Service:

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CONTENT. Updating your text to meet the needs and interests us potential and current site visitors is vital. They need to frequent your site, not visit once. Give them reasons to return. Provide something useful and interesting, something that they will share with others. The same text and static pages are not very helpful if they are looked at once.

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MAINTENNACE. Everything must work smoothly, nothing broken, no expired links, content or images. General site code and features, including social media plugins, email and subscriber plugins to databases, forms and email, all need to be checked. Versions get old, mailboxes get full, spammers and hackers are always at work. Site security needs to be updated to stay ahead of security threats that can take a site down or access your files. This is an ongoing task. There are new and improved features appearing daily.

Website design help for a better website

DESIGN. Even a beautiful site can lose interest if it never changes or re-sparks interest. Companies spend plenty creating creative campaigns to renew interest in the same service. Even grocery stores and all they have to offer will change displays to renew interest somewhere. Frequent and seasonal changes are a must. A fresh email design, new web graphics, changes large or small tell your visitors you are interested in them.

Website Updates to Content Maintenance and Design Help

Our Website Maintenance & Health Care Plans

Choose from our CMD Services the plan that fits your small business website needs.


You have a design and need the development of it done? This is the option for you. We take your custom design and build a hand coded fully validating beautiful version of it. You can add a Content Management System (CMS) to it or just a simple site.


You are searching for your home on the internet and want something that is custom and do not need to update the content yourself , or know the code well enough to handle it. The sky is the limit with this package, we can build you the website of your dreams.

Annual or Semi-Annual

You have a design and need the development of it done? This is the option for you. We take your custom design and build a hand coded fully validating beautiful version of it. You can add a Content Management System (CMS) to it or just a simple site.

Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal Template Design and Build

You want a website you can administrate and change content yourself but don’t know the code well enough to manage it. This is a excellent option for you. You will be able to edit content, SEO items , blog posts, images , videos, and much more. All by yourself , we can even provide training on the admin system upon request.

Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal Plugin Development

You have a website, but need to add that spark to it. We can help you develop a plugin for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. You will be able to edit the setting in your admin. Add exciting things like a photo slideshow, advertisements, and much more.

SEO Optimization

Get the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO. We can make sure your website is created with every possible SEO strategy, in your code, and with other special treatments we can add to your site, using your content --- see how strong your site is BEFORE you start paid ads. You will be surprised at what you can get with a solid SEO build inside your website. Don't get stuck relying on paid ads to do what your site can on its own. Ranking higher in organic search engines and you want to drive more traffic to it. We can help you with your content and META keywords, description and other small changes that can very possibly make huge difference.