Logo and Branding Design

Custom Logo Design and Brand Identity

Branding: The Foundation of All Marketing

The foundation for any corporate design project - be it stationery, brochures, or website - is first-rate branding. If you don't have an effective logo, you've lost the battle before it has even begun.

We begin many marketing projects by first designing or redesigning a company's logo. Why? Because all companies need an absolutely first class, "intelligant"* logo. Not just any logo, but a great logo. Many companies that already have one need a better or more memorable one, or its trendy style is out of date. That won't happen with a logo designed by us. The logo design we do is intended to be as timeless as possible for a long and effective impression.

By going through our logo design process, organizations discover the most effective messaging for their business. Or, if they've already gone through messaging exercises, firms can better apply this critical information to their visual branding and corporate identity.

Our Logo Design Process

In our simple logo design process we will:

  • Discuss your organizations goals, needs, desires, competition, partners, and most importantly, client or customers.
  • Study the market and your competitors, other similar businesses, target audiences, service offerings.
  • Evaluate the corporate identity and look and feel of a few of your competitors to ensure that the new identity will be positioned competitively.
  • Design a unique corporate identity, beginning with a new logo, using our research.
  • We will then supply you with all the final formats you need to reproduce your new logo for web, print, and on any promotional items.
If you are interested in developing a powerful "Intelligant" logo and corporate identity for your business, please contact our Creative Director Corinne.Larson at by submitting the Logo and Branding quote form so we have the information we need to follow up with you.