Wordpress is the wheel - let's build the rim

get a custom built website in a fraction of the time and cost. WordPress framework has given us a customizable template to incorporate themes that can be designed around your brand and Business.

Wordpress for superior SEO and CMS - We love WordPress
Wordpress Website of Champions

WordPress is a flexible Web publishing platform that has been downloaded over 60 million times since its 2003 unveiling. There are thousands of themes and There are over 23,500 WordPress plugins available, as of February 2013, that can be added to WordPress. WordPress plugins that will help your site perform like a champion, and these website features can be added, changed and removed easily within WordPress.

WordPress allows you or anyone else to add, change and remove content and plugins, with a little time to get over a small learning curve, anyone can learn to use WordPress. The Admin behind WordPress is simple and powerful. But some coding background is highly recommended to keep a clean professional look. it's all the small details, cleaning copy, editorial and typography that show an expert web publisher and content manager. So you don't lose that professional corporate quality on the site we build you, we recommend you have an experienced content manager work with your site, and a good designer to keep your theme and branding design in the style that will retain good quality control. We make sure your images are also treated and selected to match the colors and style of the site. We can help you if you need this.

We find WordPress fun and exciting with the new developments to themes and plugins, you get many updated versions that include email contact forms, site security, media galleries with many choices for video, audio and image display. The plugins are endless.

Other Website Development Options

Your Design Customized and Built

You have a design and need the development of it done? This is the option for you. We take your custom design and build a hand coded fully validating beautiful version of it. You can add a Content Management System (CMS) to it or just a simple site.

Complete Custom Website Design (HTML/CSS)

You are searching for your home on the internet and want something that is custom and do not need to update the content yourself , or know the code well enough to handle it. The sky is the limit with this package, we can build you the website of your dreams.

Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal Template Design and Build

You want a website you can administrate and change content yourself but don’t know the code well enough to manage it. This is a excellent option for you. You will be able to edit content, SEO items , blog posts, images , videos, and much more. All by yourself, we can even provide training on the admin system upon request.

Plugin Development for Wordpress/Joomla/Drupal

You have a website, but need to add that spark to it. We can help you develop a plugin for Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. You will be able to edit the setting in your admin. Add exciting things like a photo slideshow, advertisements, and much more.

SEO Optimization

Get the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) possible built into each page, headers, footers, all available tags are added and custom to your specified content. We can make sure your website is created with every latest SEO strategy possible, in your code for the best organic, non-paid SEO strategies, and with other special treatments we can add to your site, using your content with some creative additional work --- see how strong your site is BEFORE you start paid ads. You will be surprised at what you can get with a solid SEO build inside your website. Don't get stuck relying on paid ads to do what your site can on its own. Start ranking higher in organic search engines and get more traffic with the right content and code work. We can help you improve content and META keywords or key-phrases, skillfully crafted descriptions and other small changes that can very possibly make huge difference.