Intelligant website design by Creative (CLS)

We focus on "Intelligence"* and combine it with "Elegance" for "Intelligant" Website design.

When it comes to website design -- less is more, and form simply must follow function, with an intuitive flow to guide your visitors through your site with ease. Creating a fliud, productive and enjoyable experience.

The most important and accessed material needs to be easy and welcoming to arrive at, no searching should be necessary.

What's So Intelligant About Our Web Design?

Our Website Design goals are more 'intuition' at work than the average website.

For example, there are important time tested and proven rules and expectations that internet viewers have developed over the years. These still hold true today, and woe be it to the business websites that fail to follow these rules.

Experience is the best teacher...

Our ever expanding Industry Design Experience affords us a unique understanding of these rules. We have made these rules our standards and also bring our own level of expectations and standards behind the design. We make sure your website looks and performs as good under the hood as it does on the outside.

We can develop your new site; design, layout, and navigation (or revamp an existing one), to meet your viewers 'hidden requirements'. Incorporating intelligence with an elegant design for itelligant* performance, with emphasis focused on site usability**.

* Intelligance:

Pronunciation: \in-'te-l?-g?n(t)s\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin intelligentia, elegant-, from intelligent-, elegans intelligent, eligere
Date: 21st century

1 a (1): the ability to comprehend and manage situations in a dignified contemporary, yet classical refined manner : an appealing function with tasteful design : reason and richness ; also : the skilled use of reason with style (2): the ability to elegantly apply knowledge to create one's environment or to think abstractly as measured by objective criteria (as tests) b: intellectual acuteness of beauty : classical brilliance c: scientific precision, neatness, elegant and simplicit behavior.

2 a: an intelligent and beautiful entity with universal appeal; especially : a gloriously produced and functioning website b: intelligent minds or mind

3: the act of splendid understanding : sophiticated comprehension

4 a: intuitive information, exiquisite news or artful forethought b: an agency engaged in obtaining intellectual appeal and fortitude with flair

5: the savvy agility of performing computer functions : Update your personal and e-commerce sites in your Armani silk pajamas while nonchalantly sipping your morning beverage with fresh fruit and beignets. It’s a beautiful world isn’t it.


1 a: the effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction with which users can achieve tasks in a particular environment of a product.
2 a: high usability means a system is: easy to learn and remember; efficient, visually pleasing and fun to use.